Lost Car Chef Apparel is the antidote for the boring chef coat. We are injecting style, personality and identity into the culinary world. Lost Car is changing the industry’s standards one coat at a time.


We're here to serve YOU for a change. Our Customer Service team is helpful, courteous, and genuinely wants your experience with us to be an excellent one. Whether your a first timer or a die hard Lost Car Army member, YOU ARE ALWAYS OUR #1 PRIORITY. Give us a call to order your perfect coat (no robots here), or send us an email and we can assist you with any questions, concerns, or feedback you may have.



We've partnered with some of the most talented and experienced people in the industry. Our expanding knowledge in fashion and premium textiles spans over 30 years, so we're able to articulate our style and big ideas into real life. Having 20 years of chef experience, along with the rest of our team's skills and abilities, our talents allow us to keep a close eye and ear on what chefs really need, and stay on top of the game.


Premium Quality Coats for ALL. Line Cook or Executive Chef, you'll see our superiority transcend throughout our full line. All of our designs are aesthetically pleasing and modern. We place a major emphasis on our attention to detail, so that the final product given to you is extremely functional AND super comfortable. No skimping here! We've wear tested our coats countless times, so we know they're durable and made to last.



From tattoos to personal artwork, we've done it all when it comes to translating your style into logos. We use superior grade thread that won't break or fray, and a much higher stitch count than most all uniform companies to ensure that your embroidery is on point. Our embroidery house is located on our premises so we can be sure that our standards are met. Every individual piece carefully goes through our quality assurance process for accuracy, so you receive beautifully embroidered products every time.


What would a kitchen be without teamwork? It's a vital component that contributes to success. Here at Lost Car, the same efforts are taken with your orders. Our team always supports each other and works together effectively and efficiently to get the job done the right way the FIRST TIME. No re-fires here.